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So, it is another day when you wished you hadn’t lost your cool over a petty argument with your spouse, or you just thought you could be happier after eating a half tub of your favourite ice cream. It turns out there is no shortcut to the question, “How to become happier?” What are you supposed to do? Well, the answer is simple: Psychology. The more aware you are about how your mind works, the more you are able to maintain that sense of contentment which is mostly perceived as being in a state of happiness. 

But here’s the catch!

What Really IS Happiness and How Do I Become Happier?

Happiness is not something you will be feeling at all times. First, you need to identify the meaning behind this feeling. It is rather a temporary feeling, and to make a better sense of it, we should be working on how to find contentment within ourselves. After all, the deeper emotion behind this yellow, bubbly feeling is being free of anxiety and stress. 

Also, before going to a search bar and typing how to find happiness, know that for a fact, happiness is not found. Rather it is something that you have to create. People who dive deep into psychology or who undergo long sessions of therapy realize that happiness is something that you need to work on constantly. So, finding shortcuts for it or struggling for some bouts is only temporary and will only lead to further disappointment in the end. 

7 Psychological Ways on How To Become Happier

Now, there lies a realization that you need to strengthen your source of happiness instead of trying to “find” happiness as if it is something material to gain. With that, the realistic picture of happiness might get clear to you. 

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Ways to Stay “Happy”

Now that you have realized the true essence of this rainbow word, it is time to ponder upon some psychological ways that will help you attain that feeling of satisfaction that you can maintain. 

  1. Welcome Your Feelings

You need to welcome all your feelings: The grey, the black, the white; the good, the ugly; the nice, the bad – whatever they are, just focus on not numbing them down. Instead, try welcoming them as they are and see what they are trying to tell you. This will help you process those feelings quickly, and you don’t feel damaged or discontented for a long time. For that reason, you need to be able to welcome your feelings as they come. Also, don’t try to be too quick to process those feelings. If you try too hard, you may end up over-analyzing them, and that will end in damaging the “feeling” part that you have. 

Emotionally intelligent people, according to psychology, are the ones who are able to see their feelings as signals and not as uninvited guests. They take the time to sit with them and feel through them instead of putting them under the carpet. They believe in processing them in the time they have and understand those feelings to become a better person with every uncomfortable situation they face. That is what makes them quite mentally attractive. 

  1. Write And Navigate

Psychology says that actually penning down your thoughts helps your brain detangle your thoughts. Most often, people who tend to overthink lose track of the original thoughts and find themselves in a forest of unwanted thoughts, which give rise to negative feelings. Our brains are wired to do so in an attempt to find more answers to problems. The best way to deal with this thing is to sit down and navigate the map of your brain. 

Writing your thoughts is a nice way to help yourself heal from those thoughts accordingly. When you keep writing, you are able to see your mind as it is and see the negative patterns that don’t let you feel happy from the inside. The more you get aware of your thoughts, the better able you become to manage your emotions and don’t let any negative thoughts ruin your day. This concept is called scaling down in psychology. 

  1. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Keep a gratitude journal with you, and have a habit of writing about things you are grateful about. You can do this at the start of the day or the end of the day when you are done with all your tasks. You don’t have to be quite specific. Just start with something ordinary. For example, you can write that you are grateful that you are given the opportunity to breathe today, and so on. This is the concept that a gratitude journal will help you to establish on a regular basis [1].

Psychology says that being grateful about even simple things such as breathing helps you stay contented and happy for the things you have in your life. Instead of going sad or irritated about what you don’t have, by staying grateful, you work on celebrating the things you have and the person that you are. This ultimately makes you more confident and happy in yourself. People who stay contented and happy have this habit in common, and you can see them paying gratitude to even little things. You should try it too!

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7 Psychological Ways on How To Become Happier

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  1. Go with The Law of Attraction

Spiritual, it may seem, the Law of Attraction is strongly a psychological concept [2]. You need to really believe you are in that state in order to get to that state. It is as simple as that. Instead of getting worrisome about the things you don’t have, try to consider yourself in that state. It is all the game of your mindset.

If you consider yourself to be happy, it will not be tough for you to actually get happy and satisfied. Even if you smile fake for a couple of minutes, you will feel happier automatically. This is how much easy for you to trick your mind into thinking that it is happy. So, instead of getting sad, get rid of the sad songs on your playlist (they just don’t help) and replace them with the happy and energetic songs that you want. 

  1. Work on Your Mindset

There are two mindsets that make all the differences between an unhappy person and a happy person. One is a mindset that has a fixed perspective and doesn’t think about all the possibilities that may take place in the universe. It more often sees the world through its own coloured lenses and often forms wrong judgments. On the other hand, the other mindset is the one that is open to new perspectives and believes in learning from new things. The answer is probably clear to this point. It is your choice to select the mindset that you want. 

A fixed mindset will not enable you to feel happy. On the other hand, a growth mindset helps you to attain the degree of contentment that you want in your life. 

  1. Find Your Values

The best answer to the question, “How to be happy?” is to find the values that you have. The values that you have inherently will help you to find who you are and what you want. It turns out, and these are not material things but the basic human instincts that we all have to vary degrees. You might be highly passionate about helping humans, so try to find some work that lets you help other people. You will feel happy with your purpose. 

When you are able to find your values, you are able to see what is it that you really want in life and how you can become more responsible in maintaining your feeling of contentment in your life. 

  1. Do Some Rationalization

Our negative thoughts that create anxiety and stress in ourselves are often a product of overthinking, and upon the analysis, you will find that they don’t have any logical foundation. It is, therefore, important to work on those unsettling thoughts and pave your way to becoming a better person with time. Whenever you have a disturbing thought, take your time to feel it and then try to find the root cause of the feeling. After that, minus that negative inner voice with something positive yet realistic [3]. 

You need to keep a good balance between rationalizing and subtracting processes. If you overdo any of these, you might not be able to get the benefits that you want with these techniques. Getting a balanced approach in this regard is something that you want to get the feeling of happiness and contentment that you want. 

How To Become Happier

The world wants happiness – no one wants to remain sad or angry, but for that, it is important to understand the true essence of the word. If you want to know how to find happiness, you need to realize the only way you can become happy is to truly know the concept behind this feeling and the deeper emotions associated with it. Then, you need to work on yourself with psychologically based tips that will help you achieve the goals that you want. 

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