Do you feel like negative beliefs or assumptions are taking over? You’re not alone. A lot of people find themselves in this sort of position. No matter how hard they try, they feel unhappy and that they cannot get into the positive mind space that they want to be in. However, it is vital to realise that you are not alone and there are a number of different things that you can do to improve your mindset. Learning how to change your mindset will help give your life a dramatic boost in every area.

Create a morning mindset routine

The first piece of advice that we have for you when it comes to changing your mindset is to have a morning mindset routine. Make a mental list of everything that you are looking forward to throughout the day. This will generate a feeling of excitement and anticipation, which will create momentum for the full day ahead.

Some people like to listen to personal audiobooks or growth videos every morning because it sets the tone for the day ahead, enabling them to be happier and more focused. This is something that you may want to consider doing.

How to change your mindset - The Monk Mindset

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

A healthy mind is supported by a healthy body. Throughout the most challenging time of people’s personal struggles, you will find that there tends to be one common dominator; bad health. Some people end up experiencing chronic fatigue, which can make them feel washed out. This ends up being a vicious cycle; your mind deteriorates as your body deteriorates, and vice-versa.

This is why making a dedicated effort to improve your health is important and can make a big difference. From working out each week to changing your diet, there are a number of different steps you can put in place to make your health a priority. You will notice that your energy levels will slowly but surely start to increase so that you can feel better.

Take the time to consider all elements of your health that could be having a negative impact on your mindset right now, and make improvements in all of these areas. This includes your activity levels, what you eat, and how you sleep.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle plays a major part in how to change your mindset.

Write out your action plan

In addition to the different suggestions that we have mentioned so far, we would recommend that you write out an action plan. It is all about looking at the possibilities and then taking the steps that are needed to make them happen.

If you have a forward-thinking approach, you will start to concentrate on where you could be, rather than focusing on where you do not want to be. Of course, simply writing down the steps is not going to be enough. You need to put the effort in place to make these steps a reality.

If you do not know where to begin, it makes sense to think about your end goal, and then work backwards. In the end, you can have an exact representation of what you want for yourself, and then you can plot all of the different things that you need to do in order to get there. Put small and achievable steps in place so that you keep winning and this will keep you motivated along the way as well.

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Consume positive media

We live in a day and age whereby we are surrounded by a lot of negative media. This can be very depressing and it can end up bringing our moods down. This is why we recommend consuming positive media on a daily basis. If you do this, your perspective will be altered through osmosis. But what is positive media? This simply refers to anything that is good in life. We all know that immersion is the best way of learning a new language.

If you hear the same thing every day, it will start to stick and you will end up learning the language a lot easier. The same applies when it comes to your mindset. Your mind’s language is going to change if you immerse yourself in personal growth content each day.

Challenge your thoughts

Aside from the points that we have mentioned so far, it is important to challenge your thoughts. Whenever your old way of thinking comes up, simply ignoring it is not going to be enough. Instead, you need to challenge your thoughts. Weigh up your thoughts so that you can come up with a decision that makes the most sense to you. This is the best way of evolving your mindset.

Try your best to force out any negative thoughts with positive ones. Reminding yourself of old happy memories is a great way on how to change your mindset and stay positive.

Seek positive friends

Last but not least, it is important to seek friends that are positive, happy, and bring you up, rather than those that will make you feel bad. A positive social circle is one that will support you and make you feel great about yourself and your dreams. Look for people who have the values that you want to adopt. This does not mean that you need to ditch your friends.

How to change your mindset and improve your mentality - the monk mindset

However, it does mean that you should try to surround yourself with people that are going to make you feel better about life and help you in terms of achieving your goals. Nowadays, you can connect with people online or you have the option of joining groups in your local community, so there are many ways you can go about this.

There is a well known saying that goes like this – “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. If you hang around with successful and positive people, you will become the next. But if you hang around with negative people, you become the next.

How to change your mindset if you have negative friends? Sometimes people are put in our paths to teach us how to let go. If you really want to learn how to change your mindset you might have to lose some friends first.

How To Change Your Mindset and Improve Your Mentality

So there you have it: some of the different steps that you can take to ensure you have a positive mindset. We hope that the tips and suggestions that we have mentioned above will help you in this perspective. After all, we know how difficult it can be to get your mindset right when you feel like you are always fighting negative thoughts and emotions.

However, if you follow the steps that we have mentioned above, we are sure that you will notice a positive difference in terms of how you feel.

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