How to improve self-care

If you feel like self-care is trendy right now and that you’re hearing about it more than ever before, you’re right. If you look at Google Trends, you’ll see how the number of searches on how to improve self-care has spiked in recent years. That’s excellent news since it shows how we’ve finally decided to take steps to live our best human life. 

What exactly is self-care

Let’s crush some myths, for starters. First, self-care does not mean being selfish and self-indulgent. Self-care is what it says; taking care of yourself to be healthy, inside and out. Self-care is how you build resilience towards a million stressors we humans experience daily. It means taking back your power to tackle the stressors you cannot eliminate yourself.

7 Easy Ways How To Improve Self-Care

Self-care is not a luxury but a necessity and priority

If you ignore taking care of your mind and body, you could soon start to feel overwhelmed by life and its inevitable obstacles. Consequently, this could lead to burnout.

Explicitly, self-care represents a conscious act to improve your physical, emotional, and mental health. It’s a multidimensional effort to enhance your well-being on all levels. The World Health Organization (WHO) describes self-care as “the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider.” 

There are so many forms in which you can do that. Sometimes it may take a short stroll and a breath of fresh air to clear your mind and feel better. Read on, and I will tell you about the easy ways to improve self-care. But first, I’ll explain why you should not put it off any longer.

Why is self-care crucial for a healthy life? 

Many studies have shown how self-care promotes positive health, resilience, life expectancy, and mental strength. While taking care of your well-being won’t cure illnesses, it will undoubtedly help prevent them. Additionally, those suffering from chronic conditions may manage their symptoms better and improve their well-being. 

How self-care benefits your health and overall well-being

An article published in JAMA in January 2020 showed how self-care practices are deeply linked to longevity and better health in the 21st century. That also includes exercising, not smoking, eating healthy, and embracing an overall positive lifestyle. But, it also includes paying attention to your needs and satisfaction by asking yourself some essential questions. For example, what is it that brings you joy? Once you answer that question, it’s time to take steps to get there. 

How To Improve Self-Care Routine

There are some widespread, typical examples of self-care: simply sleeping regularly, eating healthy, staying active, and staying grateful. The truth is, self-care can look different for everyone. However, to really count as self-care, your actions and behaviour should promote health and make your feel good. 

Self-Care Practices To Stay Healthy And Happy

Looking deep within yourself is one of the first requirements of self-care. Ask yourself how you’re really doing and listen to what your body is telling you. To start your self-care routine, you don’t need to go big at once. Instead, start by taking small steps towards more challenging ones. Choose your practices, and start incorporating them into your daily routine. 

Honestly, any little thing you do for yourself to promote your well-being counts as self-care. Be it spending time with your loved ones or simply getting a haircut. 

If you want to improve your self-care, there are many ways to do that. To make things easier for you, I will note the main types of self-care and show you 7 easy ways to improve them.

Physical Self-Care – Your Body Is A Temple

When it comes to taking care of your physical self, you should ask yourself several questions to see where you stand. 

  • How are your sleeping habits?
  • Is your diet really a healthy fuel for your body and mind?
  • Are you exercising enough?
  • Are you in charge of your own health?

Sure, it’s perfectly okay to treat yourself to a cupcake once in a while. However, to improve self-care, opt for foods like leafy greens, alkaline produce, and generally food that fuels your body. 

Also, make sure to get some regular physical activity. Whether it’s walking in nature or yoga, make sure it brings you at least some joy. Feeling miserable while hitting a sweaty gym won’t help your self-care.

7 easy ways how to improve your self-care

Social Self-Care – Your Relationships Are Treasures

A healthy social life is one of the keys to self-care. In this day and age, it’s challenging to maintain relationships with family and friends. However, close connections are vital for your well-fare. 

So, putting some time and energy into them will undoubtedly serve well for you and your people. Make sure to devote some time to creating an optimal social life. 

Mental Self-Care – Ease Your Mind

Your way of thinking has a significant influence on your psychological well-being. Think about what you’re feeding your mind with. Are they inspiring things that mentally stimulate you? Is it possibly fear or doubt?

Mental self-care involves checking in with yourself and doing things that fuel your mind. It also means practising self-compassion and acceptance. Moreover, healthy inner dialogue and relationships with self are paramount for self-care.

Have a look through Blessing Manifesting’s website for tools to help with your Self-Care at Home. Their Anxiety Book is great for anyone suffering from it.

Spiritual Self-Care – Taking Care of Your Soul

Caring for your soul is one of the best things you can do to improve your self-care. Research has proven that religion and spirituality are associated with better health outcomes, including longevity, coping skills, and quality of life – even during terminal illness. Moreover, spiritual self-care helps reduce depression, anxiety, and suicide. 

That said, nurturing your soul does not have to include religion. Instead, take any practice that helps you develop inner peace and a more profound sense of connection with yourself. One of those practices is simply meditation and mindfulness. Sometimes, all it takes to calm down is to take a deep, conscious breath. 

Emotional Self-Care – Change Your Mindset

Having healthy coping skills is critical when dealing with life’s challenges and heavy emotions such as anger, sadness, or disappointment. However, emotional self-care activities can help immensely. 

Expressing your feelings is the first step because processing your emotions is very important. Next, consider how you are doing that and ask yourself this: How can you deal with it more healthily?

One of the best ways to deal with the hardships of life is minding your focus. The truth is, where your focus goes, also does your energy. It’s time to adopt an abundance mindset. I’ll be honest; this is one of the biggest challenges regarding self-care. Be that as it may, it’s also the most life-changing practice. 

Shifting your energy to this practice takes time and determination. However, if you can accomplish it, you are on the right path to your best life. But, you have to make sure you also do the following two things also.

Discipline – This Is How You Make It

Discipline is one of the cornerstones of self-care, not just because it helps build healthy routines. Moreover, discipline requires knowing yourself, your priorities, and the things you put your energy into. 

Self-discipline is having the ability to do the things that you do not want to do and stopping yourself from doing the things you should not do.

Sure, discipline will sometimes look like a chore. However, taking full responsibility for your own well-fare will undoubtedly pay off.

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Love Yourself – Embrace Self-Compassion

While you’re doing all this “effort” to be your highest and healthiest self, don’t forget to love yourself. Self-love is THE way to improve self-care. So, don’t be hard on yourself on your journey. Checking all the boxes on your checklist is not the main thing you should focus on.

Instead, take a listen to your body and soul, and take some time to breathe. Embrace self-compassion and forgive yourself. We all go here having no idea about anything, after all. And we’re all in this together.

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